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Soy Wax Scented Drops
Fragrance Oils

Making a candle has never been so easy!  Our Scented Soy Drops™ are pre-scented and pre-colored soy wax beads for melting in your tart warmer or for using with a ceramic candle warmer for fragrance without the flame! They're perfect for placing in a pre-wicked votive holder and burning just like a candle -- so easy!  All of our fragrance oils can be used in candles and incense, and are highly compatible with soy candles. Many fragrance oils are also body-safe for use in lotions, body creams, hand-made soap, bath gel...

Moon Glow's container blend Scented Soy Drops™ include coloring and they are triple-scented! (Note:  Do not use these to scent other wax -- they are already pre-scented soy wax.)

RECIPES! for Scented Soy Drops™ Use Scented Soy Drops to create beautiful looking layered candles and enjoy having 3 scents in one! Or sprinkle a tablespoon on top of another candle to create a new scent combination.

100% Soybean Oil - Triple-Scented & Colored
100% Soybean Oil - Triple-Scented & Colored

Do not use Soy Drops in molds - use this wax in containers only.

Color is listed first/Fragrance listed second in product title.

*This product is no longer being manufactured. What is listed below is all that is available.