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Making Soy Votive Candles

This project includes general and specific instructions for making votive candles - melt temperature, temp. to add dye, temp. to add fragrance, and many tips on working with soy votive wax. For your convenience we have a Soy Votive Candle Kits with all the necessary supplies.

Supplies you will need:
- Soy Votive Blend Wax
- Liquid Dye or Dye Chips
- Soy Compatible Fragrance
- Fleximold or Metal Votive Mold
- Wicks*
- Thermometer

*Wicks: 36-24-24-C-Soy is a self-centering wick recommended for 1" - 2" votives. 44-24-18-C-Soy is a self-centering wick recommended for 1.5" - 2.5" votives.

Tip: 1 lb. of melted soy wax = 2-1/4 cups. 1 lb. of wax will make (2) 8 oz. candles, (1) 16 oz. candle, or (8) 2 oz. votives.

Tip: When adding dye always remember that you can always go darker, but you can't go lighter.

Step 1: Heat your soy votive wax to 190-200* - use a thermometer. DO NOT
EVER let this wax reach 500* as it will flash fire at that temp. Once your wax has reached 190* and is completely melted, remove from heat source and add your dye and fragrance. Stir completely - the dye and fragrance must be thoroughly mixed into the wax.

The safest way to melt your soy wax is to use a pyrex glass measuring cup and a pot of boiling water (a type of double boiler method). Place the desired amount of wax in your pyrex cup and then place your pyrex cup into a shallow pan of boiling water. The boiling water will heat the pyrex cup and melt your wax. Since the handle will become very hot, be sure to handle the cup with a glove or other heat-resistant material.

Tip: Fragrance should be added in the following quantities: To each 1/4 cup melted wax add 1 tsp. fragrance. This is an approximate amount and can be adjusted by 1/8 tsp to suit your desired scent strength. If you'd rather work with weight, add 1.5 oz. fragrance to each pound of wax. That would be
1.5 oz. fragrance to each 2-1/4 cups melted soy wax.

Step 2 : Insert one wick into each mold, taking care to center the wick.

Step 3:  Once the wax temperature reaches between
150-175*, very slowly pour your wax in to the votive molds. Fill just to the top. You may need to prop up the wick a few times before it will stay centered itself.

Let the votive molds sit at room temperature. They should be ready to de-mold within 3 hours. Do not allow them to sit in a cold or drafty area. You want them to cool slowly.

Step 4: When your votives are ready to de-mold they will fall out of the mold.

Step 5: Trim your wick to 1/4" in length and you are ready to burn your votives. (Actually, we suggest waiting 2-3 days before burning to allow them to “cure”.)

Be sure to always burn a votive candle in a tight-fitting container. NEVER burn a votive without a container.

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