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Making Milk Bath Gel

Making Soy Milk Bath Gel...

It is so fast and easy - just follow the simple directions for adding fragrance and color. You do not need to heat the bath gel and you do not need to add any other ingredients.

The supplies you will need are:
- Soy Milk Bath Gel
- Body Safe Fragrance
- Mixing bowl
- Bottle with Disk Cap or Pump
- Scale
- Measuring Spoons

STEP 1: Sterilize bottles and mixing utensils with alcohol.

STEP 2: Measure 8 oz of soy milk bath gel into bowl using the scale.

STEP 3: Add 1/2 teaspoon of body safe fragrance per 8 ounces of body product and mix well. NOTE: The bath gel scent will strengthen over the next 3 days.

Instructions for Scenting Bath Gel

If your fragrance makes the bath gel too runny you will need to use it at less than 1%. To test a small amount we suggest using 2 oz. bath gel to 1 full dropper of fragrance. If the bath gel becomes too thin, try using 2 oz. bath gel to 1/3 dropper of fragrance. You should notice that the bath gel will remain stable with that dosage. This means you will need to use no more than 2 grams fragrance to an 8 oz. bottle of bath gel with this fragrance.

Note: We have not tested all fragrances and the scents mentioned may not be the only scents to break down the bath gel. Please be sure to test every fragrance first.

TIP: When creating new blends of fragrance use a Q-tip to dip into each fragrance and drop onto a piece of paper (in desired proportions). Then wave in the air close to your nose to get the aroma.

STEP 4: Put the bath gel in a bottle with a disk cap or use our new pump.

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