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Customer Testimonials

In Praise of Moon Glow Candle Supplies and Services...

Hello Moonglow! I've been a customer of yours since 2006! The Paraben-Free Lotion works wonderfully. Moonglow has ALWAYS delivered my orders on time. I am truly a satisfied customer and I will continue to do business with your company. Thanks Moonglow, your awesome!! Norine Y. H.

As always the professionalism that Moon Glow Candle supplies demonstrates is above reproach. I received my items in a very expeditious manner and will continue to use Moon Glow Candle supplies as my primary candle material supplier. Jacquelyn

Dear Moon Glow,
You are, without a doubt,  the best, most accommodating, best communicating, best customer service, best product, company I have ever delt with in the USA!!!!!!

Love and many thanks, Virginia Hey
White Flower Lei

Thank you for the great service!!! I placed my order on Monday. My wicks, scents etc were at my door on Wed and the wax drop shipment was here on Thursday. This was my first order and certainly not my last. I will be visiting your store the second week of July for more supplies.THANK YOU
kindled spirits west
Diane B.

Dear Mariah,

I Know I've written you before telling you how much my partner and I love your soy based fragrance oils but after testing some others on the market we can honestly say Moonglow is the very best!

Lori & Michael

Good Morning Mariah,

Today is my wife’s birthday.  I ordered supplies from you so I could make candles for her birthday.  

I was very pleased at how easy it was to navigate within your site and make my purchase.  Each section was laid out well.  They were organized logically and had a nice mix of visual and text presentation.  I have not worked with soy wax before, and your site gave me enough information and instruction to feel comfortable ordering the product.  The quality of your website was the deciding factor in my purchase.  I looked at several other sites and decided that a company who takes time to put together a quality website probably cares about the quality of its product and service.

I quickly received an email stating my order had been placed and was given the timeline for shipment.  My supplies arrived the day I expected them.  I opened the box and knew right away I had chosen the right company for this purchase.  The fragrance bottles were individually wrapped in bubble wrap.  Care had been taken in packing the box to minimize any damage that might occur from handling.

The final test of your product, of course, was in the candles.  I made 30 pillars this week and they are the best candles I have ever produced.  The soy wax melts easily, takes a fragrance well, and produces some very soft colors.  I was particularly happy with the smooth transition from color to color on my layered candles.

A quality website, prompt attention to my order, well packed materials, and an excellent product made this one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I have had in a long time.  Thank you for helping me make my wife’s birthday very special.

Steve Brand